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FACS Hosts Style Show

Posted On: 5/1/2018

The St. Joseph’s Academy Family and Consumer Science Department presented the annual SJA Style Show on April 24 for parents and friends and again on April 25 for the student body. The theme for the high-energy production was SJA Crowns & Gowns Beauty Pageant.
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Students in Clothing Construction made and modeled laser-cut skirts. Students in Family and Consumer Science made and modeled pajama bottoms, and students in Clothing Construction made and modeled dresses. The final scene of the show featured seniors in Advanced Clothing Construction modeling the formal dresses they made. 

“The style show is a fun event at SJA,” said FACS faculty member Amy Neck. “It entails a lot of work but has a lot of rewards for my students and the student body. This year’s Beauty Pageant theme show did not disappoint. With collectivity 210 students participating, you were entertained for one full hour. The show was packed with excitement.”

FACS faculty member Yvette Aillet said this year’s show was unique. “The live music was amazing and added the little something extra we have been looking for,” she said. “This show was a true team effort, incorporating the band, vocalists, dancers and FACS students. Everyone involved worked so hard to make the show a success.” 

Senior Caroline Cotten said the process of creating her formal dress was highly enjoyable. “I loved going to my seventh-hour clothing class every day and starting on a new part of my dress,” she said. “I definitely could not have done it without Mrs. Neck and Mrs. [Linda] Weimer. They are the best. Style show is an event I have looked forward to every year, and finally getting to wear my dress in it was the perfect way to end my experience.”
Senior Hannah Grace Babin created a black, one-shoulder gown featuring multi-colored lace. “My dress was difficult because we made a lot of alterations to the original pattern,” she said. “All the teachers and girls made this dress possible and also made me enjoy making it. I loved getting to model it because it was satisfying to be able to show off all my hard work to the school. I personally love the spotlight, so a stage is my favorite thing, which is another reason I loved modeling. I am very happy that I made my dress, with the help of Mrs. Neck and Mrs. Weimer, of course.”

Adding their talents to the production were vocalists Hugo Andricain, Barbara Flandez, Angelle McCormick, Mark Primeaux, Mary Scott Pourciau and Ashley Stevens. Instrumentalists were Hugo Andricain, Stephen Barrios, Michael McDowell and Mark Primeaux. Senior dancers were Juliet Alise, Livie Broussard, Skylar Culmone, Kailynn Guidry, Meredith Landry, Blaise Putnam, Madeline Ortego and Kennedy Walker. 

A surprise performance was delivered by five faculty members calling themselves The Misfits: Cindy Downs, Mary Kay Alford, Lauren Morris, Shelly O’Dowd and deLynn Stelly. The final scene closed with a cameo appearance by SJA Custodial Supervisor Lena Magee as Queen Sewpreme. 

Catholic High students performed and served as escorts for the models. They were Brandon Andrews, Ryan Aultman, Nathan Bell, Ben D’Armond, William Delaune, Jacques Gaspard, Easton Hollis and Wil Landry. 
Also working to make the show a success were Holly Sonnier, Lorrel Brown and Emily Johnson, program; Peyton Williams, T-shirt design; Chad Aultman, Daryl Williams and CHS escorts, set up; Caroline Cotten and Madeline Ortego, opening scene video; Hugo Andricain and Alan LeCoq, lighting and sound; and Lily McGill and the SJA/CHS Drama Club, props.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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