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SJA Hosts Academic Awards Program

Posted On: 5/1/2018

St. Joseph’s Academy recognized students who have excelled in academic studies throughout the school year at the 2018 Academic Awards program. The Disney-themed ceremony was held April 27 in the Activity Center. The event was also live streamed on SJABR-TV. 

Faculty members bestowed subject-area awards upon students with outstanding grades and who have demonstrated cooperative attitudes, willingness to work and participation in class. Awards were given in The Arts, English, Foreign Language, Health & Physical Education, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology and Theology.
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A number of outstanding achievement and St. Joseph’s Academy awards were announced, as well. They included the following:

Catherine Rollins received the Mrs. Adalie Brent Memorial Award, given to the most promising Art I student. 

Catherine Cangelosi was the recipient of the Hendrix Odyssey Book Award, granted to an outstanding junior for distinguished scholarship and engaged learning experiences as a member of the school and community. 

The Association Louisianaise des clubs Français des Écoles Secondaires (ALCFES) awarded Vivian Brown a scholarship to study in La Rochelle, France, this year. 

ALCFES awarded the presidential scholarship to Andrea Matus to attend the St. Anne’s French Immersion Camp this summer in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

The American Association of Teachers of French (AATF) bestowed the Excellence in French Award upon Juliet Alise, Livie Broussard, Vivian Brown, Barbara Flandez, Isabella Galindo, Tess Hiller, Jane Jeha, McKenzie Knight and Caroline Anne LeBlanc.

Students who earned medals on the National Latin Exam were honored. Receiving the silver medal for Latin I were Caroline Davis, Melanie Dietrich, Isabel Duplantis and Lauren Harmon. Receiving the silver medal for Latin II were Jillian Eskew, Anna Leyrer, Eleana Miller, Anna Montanio, Kendall Ourso, Emma Routier and Faith Woods. Receiving the gold medal for Latin II were Mary Catherine Daniels, Lily Martin, Shreya Reshamwala and Jolan Taylor. 

Ann Nguyen was the recipient of the Nancy Howell Convention Award, which defrays the cost of attending the National Junior Classical League convention for both the student and her teacher, Leigh Grace Rouyer. 

Chrismry Gboloo was the winner of the Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Book Award, which recognizes a high school junior who is academically strong and possesses leadership potential. 

Recognized for placing in their subject area at the District Rally and qualifying for the Louisiana State Rally were Shreya Reshamwala, Caroline Dazzio, Audrey LeJeune, Isabelle Broussard, Mary Catherine Daniels, Madelyn Helm, Anna LeJeune, Addison Bruce, Jade Woods, Natalie Marioneaux, Skylar Mancuso, Celia Dooley, Moran LoCascio, Ella Barhorst, Emily Boudreaux, Lily Abadie, Elise Marchand, Lark Smith, Raeann Didier, Hannah Grace Vautrot, Holly Honore and Eleana Miller. Three students received scholastic achievement awards for placing first in their category: Mary Catherine Daniels, Morgan LoCascio and Skylar Mancuso. 

Rachael Coates was the winner of the Bausch & Lomb Science Award, which recognizes a chemistry student with consistently high achievement and rigor in science classes and high PSAT and math scores. She goes on to compete for a University of Rochester scholarship. 

Anna Myers was the recipient of the 2018 Woodmen of the World award, given to the American History student who exhibits the qualities of scholarship, leadership and enthusiasm for history. 

Madi Ogra won the 2018 Tulane University Book Award, which recognizes a junior who has demonstrated excellence in academic achievement, leadership and community service.

Recognized as a National Merit finalist for this year was Alexandra Hingle. Named commended students for 2018 were Kennedy Benjamin, Emrey Broyles, Lauren Chauvin, Mary Catherine Lorio, Ann Nguyen, Allie Peever and Jade Woods.

Woods was also honored for being named the Diocesan Student of the Year. 

Derquisia Spears received the 2018 Greater Baton Rouge State Fair Foundation Award, given to an outstanding junior who has volunteered her time for in-school and outside-school activities.

The SJA Beta Club Marjorie Claire McAnelly Award went to Annie Blanchard, Claire Marie Tate and Jolan Taylor. The award recognizes the student who exhibits exceptional qualities of service, leadership and academic excellence.

Madison Scroggins received the Adeline McManus Award, given to an outstanding freshman who is known for her unselfish dedication to classmates and the school community. 

Angelle McCormick was the recipient of the 2018 Mae Stokes Award, established by the Sisters of St. Joseph in memory of Mae Stokes, who gave her life in dedication and loyal service to SJA. 

Madison Boudreaux was the winner of the Serra Club Award, given to an outstanding junior and based on Christian leadership and all-around character and performance.

Three students received the Good Works Award, established in 2014 to honor a freshman, sophomore and junior for unselfish commitment in daily life to the good of others. This year’s winners are rising sophomore Anna Camille Eagleton, rising junior Mary Catherine Daniels and rising senior Lacy Wendell. 

The Barefoot Pedals Foundation, established to honor the life of Jeff Nola, gave two awards. Jeff’s Father, Mike Nola, and Barefoot Pedals Foundation President Andrew Brown presented the awards. The 2018 Jeff Nola Band recipient, chosen because she embodies quiet leadership, spirituality, commitment to academic success and craft in playing a musical instrument, was Eden Landry. The 2018 Jeff Nola Liturgy recipient, chosen because she embodies quiet leadership, spirituality and commitment to academic success, was Derquisia Spears.

Principal Stacia Andricain offered the closing prayer. Rebecca Hanly concluded the assembly by leading the singing of the Alma Mater.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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