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Students Participate in Louisiana Earth Day

Posted On: 5/1/2018

Members of the St. Joseph’s Academy Science Club and students in Honors Biology participated in the 27th annual celebration of Louisiana Earth Day, one of the nation’s largest environmental festivals. This year’s event was held April 29 in LSU’s Parker Coliseum. 

The festival featured hands-on educational activities for all ages and live entertainment throughout the afternoon. Earth Day fosters both individual and corporate environmental awareness and action through creative exhibits and activities and serves as a reminder to enjoy and celebrate Louisiana’s unique culture and beauty. 

Accompanied by science teachers Alexis Stein and Linda Messina, the students manned the water cycle booth, helping young visitors learn about the water cycle by making bracelets. 

“Earth Day is always so exciting and informative as different groups and organizations share information about Earth, its resources and energy and coastal land loss,” Messina said. “This year, we had a great group of girls who spent Sunday educating young people about our renewable resource, water. It was wonderful seeing these young ladies interact with and teach so many young children.”

Stein said she thoroughly enjoyed her first SJA Earth Day. “Mrs. Messina, the girls and all of the kiddos and even some parents made for a great time teaching about the water cycle in a way that was interactive and exciting to all involved,” she said. 

Sophomore Kendall Willard said young visitors to the SJA booth enjoyed learning about the water cycle. “We taught them in a fun, innovative way,” she said. “On the bracelets, each bead represented a different part of the water cycle. I really enjoyed being able to teach children while also having fun and helping them have fun. It was great to educate children about our earth in an exciting way.” 

Sophomore Emma Routier agreed. “I really enjoyed teaching the kids about the water cycle and hearing from some of them how interesting they thought it was,” she said. 
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Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos courtesy of Linda Messina


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