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SJA Elects Class Presidents, Representatives

Posted On: 5/7/2018

The St. Joseph’s Academy student body has elected class presidents for the 2018-2019 academic year. 

Elected senior class president for next year is Ella Barhorst. Claire Marie Tate will serve as president of the junior class, and Tiffany Tran will be president of the sophomore class.

They join class representatives who were elected on April 30. Representing the class of 2019 are Claire Surek, Lily Abadie, Corrine Hutchinson, Addison Bruce, Katie Trussell, Catherine Couvillion, Sydney Clebert, Juliana Hill, Lacy Wendell, Natalie Lazaroe, Nikki Manuel, Katie McCullen, Catherine Contini, Leanne Livingston, Catherine Cangelosi, Parker Wilson, Aliyah Trapp, Kate Michel and Tori Collier.

Class of 2020 representatives are Angelle McCormick, Sophia Polozola, Mary Catherine Daniels, Emma Durnin, Emily Reynaud, Jordan Mathis, Simone Muir, Lilly Chastain, Cecilia Campesi, Isabelle Brown, Sophie Kronenberg, Aldyn Gremillion, Mel Hasenkampf, Paris Vercher, Bella Moushleb, McKenna Ramsey and Jacqueline Dawson.
Representing the class of 2021 are Anna Camille Eagleton, Riana Bickham, Sarah Branstetter, Bentley Plauche, Camille Cronan, Anna Pousson, Sophia DeAngelo, Masie Jones, Sarah Harris, Abby Arledge, Juliette Lemoine, Jane Laville, Claire Lazaroe, Clare Dillman, Kathryn Rothkamm, Anna Delafield and Henrietta Gifford.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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