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125 Graduates, Current Students Earn AP Scholar Awards

Posted On: 9/10/2018

One hundred twenty-five St. Joseph’s Academy graduates and current seniors and juniors have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on college-level Advanced Placement Program (AP) exams. These outstanding scholars earned credit at Louisiana colleges and universities as well as most four-year schools in the United States. 

In 2018, 385 Academy students took AP courses, with 82.1 percent scoring a 3 or higher on their AP exams to earn college credit.

SJA had two National AP Scholars. They earned an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. They are 2018 graduates Alexandra Hinkle and Jade Woods. 

SJA had 30 AP Scholar with Distinction award recipients. They earned an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of these exams. They are 2018 graduates Annaclaire Acosta, Clare Barfield, Kennedy Benjamin, Jolie Boudreaux, Amy Brouillette, Vivian Brown, Emrey Broyles, Lauren Campbell, Claire Doucet, Mary Elizabeth Gordon, Alexandra Hinkle, Jane Jeha, Sydney Keller, Anna Koonce, Mary Catherine Lorio, Hannah Miletello, Meagan Newton, Ann Nguyen, Lara Nicholson, Madeline Ortego, Anna Peever, Katherine Sclafani, Molly Shepherd, Paige Smith, Adair Talbot and Jade Woods and current seniors Abby Blaize, Sydney Clebert, Drue Gautreau and Adeline Roemer.

Seventeen graduates and 18 current seniors qualified for the AP Scholar with Honor award by earning an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. They are 2018 graduates Lauren Chauvin, Caroline Cotten, Sophie DeOliveira, Julia Goodson, Mia Goodson, Isabel Grandy, Sydney Hamilton, Macy Heroman, Sarazen Knight, Caroline Anne LeBlanc, Audrey Lejeune, Madeline Lemoine, Jessica Munson, Allie Peever, Adele Poche, Anna Shortess and Madeline Thomas and current seniors Margaret Blouin, Madison Boudreaux, Emily DeSoto, Olivia Devall, Raeann Didier, Amelia Dittmar, Anna Hampshire, Julia Henderson, Anna Lejeune, Skylar Mancuso, Emily Martin, Andrea Matus, Maurie Morris, Elise Saloom, Kate Stanford, Camille Taylor, Malorey Uzee and Taylor Winters. 

Thirty-one 2018 graduates, 27 current seniors and two current juniors are AP Scholar award recipients. They received scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. They are 2018 graduates Juliet Alise, Emma Allemond, Anna Ball, Hannah Blum, Grace Brierre, Marigny Broussard, Livie Broussard, Lena Cates, Madeleine Chenevert, Hope Coleman, Megan Crawford, Eloise Day, Carley Dugas, Camille Fruge, Marie Gosserand, Madelyn Graves, Sarah Hill, Raquel Hodgeson, Addison Jones, Abigail Lafleur, Camille Lanata, Claire Lynch, Natalie Marionneaux, Cathryn Morris, Emily Shore, Madeleine Simpson, Summer Smith, Marli Snaith, Gabrielle Taylor, An Vu and Caroline Walters, current seniors Lauren Arceneaux, Ella Barhorst, Ashlan Belanger, Anna Borne, Rachael Coates, Anna Reese Couhig, Danielle DePierri, Alexandra Fields, Madelyn Fuselier, Catherine Green, Chloe Hoang, Gracie Hufft, Breann Keowen, Emily Kukura, Catherine Marchand, Angelle Martin, Maryn Matthews, Sydney Melder, Grace O’Neill, Isabella Rovere, Lauren Saunders, Taylor Silvey, Ashlynn Sorrells, Alexandra Thibodeaux, Aliya Trapp, Parker Wilson and Grace Wisdom and current juniors Eloise Nelson and Sophia Stuart.
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Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Kleinpeter Photography


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