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Dads, Daughter Enjoy Special Day

Posted On: 10/17/2018

St. Joseph’s Academy students and their dads gathered on campus October 14 for Father-Daughter Day 2018. The event is hosted each year by the SJA Dads’ Club. This year’s theme was Me and My Dad: A Dynamic Duo. Freshman Alexis Harvey created the winning theme and t-shirt design. 
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The day began with a prayer service led by Mark Reynaud in the Academy Student Center. Coach Pete Boudreaux then shared his insights on Raising a Redsticker. Mission Advancement Associate Director Sister Joan Laplace presented St. Joseph medals for the seniors to give their dads and offered the final blessing. 

Fathers and daughters enjoyed a taco salad bar prepared by SAGE Dining Services, then teamed up for fun and games, including basketball in the Academy Student Center; volleyball in the Activity Center; and bocce ball, Frisbee golf, cornhole, ladder toss, connect four, memory, Uno, Jenga and tug-of-war in the courtyard near the Dining Hall. 

“I am a senior, and this tradition means very much to me and my dad,” said Savannah Schweitzer. “Coach Boudreaux talked about how he loves holding his daughter’s and granddaughter’s hands, and that was very relatable because my dad loves to grab my hand when we are walking. We also are both competitive, and it was so fun to compete against each other in the games.”

Freshman Anna Musso said her first Father-Daughter Day was a great experience. “I enjoyed it very much,” she said. “I loved spending time with my dad doing activities that he enjoyed as a child. ‘Back in the day,’ my dad used to play basketball for fun. He then hurt himself and could no longer play. However, on Sunday, he was able to play a little bit of basketball with me and my sister, Josie Musso. He tried to teach us how to play, from dribbling to shooting. It was very special that he wanted to share something with us that he also did when he was a kid.”

Freshman Hailee Lemoine said the opportunity to spend time with her father was priceless. “My dad and I had a great time,” she said. “I feel that it did bring us closer.” 

The Father-Daughter Day planning committee was chaired by Scott Lachney. He was assisted by committee members Ron McDaniel and Dan Boudreaux. Meg Gerald is the Dads’ Club moderator.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos courtesy of Katie Jeter Valenciano


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