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Alumnae Participate in Job Expo

Posted On: 11/16/2018

The St. Joseph’s Academy Alumnae Office and Counseling Center hosted a Career Day Job Expo on November 14. Sixty professional women gathered on campus to share their career experiences with juniors and seniors. 

The professionals set up tables in the Academy Student Center, which students visited during their lunch hours. Students were able to talk one on one with those who represented a field in which they may be interested. 

The job expo was coordinated by Alumnae Director Katie Jeter Valenciano ’04 and school counselor Amy Scheurich House ’98.
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“The purpose of the Career Day Job Expo was to allow SJA students to gain insight into their interests and talents as they begin the process of making informed educational and career choices,” Valenciano said, adding that the expo helped the students narrow their choices of who they would like to job shadow on February 19.

The following women participated in the job expo: Yvette Barbier Aillet ’09, teacher; Abby Duhé Altazan, research specialist; Amy Andrews ’06, financial consultant; Ana Andricain ’86, actress and jewelry designer; Jimi Ardoin Aucoin ’02, registered nurse; Dr. Stephanie Gremillion Babin ’05, dentist; Kelsey Perry Baines ’06, event coordinator; Morgan Leger Belello ’13, caterer; Dr. Amanda Messer Boeneke ’04, pediatric hospitalist and assistant professor of clinical pediatrics; Robin Titone Branton ’98, teacher; Melissa Bahlinger Brocato ’89, university administrator; Joanie Brocato, forensics; Lizzie Butler Broussard ’03, technology project manager; Mackenzie Brown, athletic trainer; Brittney Cardillo, events manager; Stephanie Spielman Cargile ’88, media and community relations; Dr. Rebecca Carriere Christofferson’ 98, assistant professor of infectious disease research; Dr. Kelly Sweeney Clements ’84, ENT physician; Lisa Westmoreland Collier ’81, financial advisor; Kate Butler Cook ’01, wedding planner; Kat Currier ’11, financial planner; Mandy Poche Cushing ’98, teacher; Allison Davis ’07, IT consulting; Lori Adams Denstel ’89, healthcare administration; Monique Douglas ’08, instructional design; Tricia Kleinpeter Duvic ’99, registered nurse; Dr. Lindsey Richard Fauveau ’03, surgeon; Lauren D’Aquin Field ’84, fundraising; Conchetta Graphia Foshee ’86; school counselor and administrator; Rachel Fawley Gamble ’90, pharmacist; Stefania Himpler Gibbens ’04, interior designer; Dr. Dana Gosserand, veterinarian; Merrit Guercio ’09, school counselor; Katie Blouin Guillot ’96, dental hygienist; Angela Begue Hammett ’92, community healthcare education manager; Ann Lightfoot Heine ’89, hospital operations; Mary Dedeaux Honore ’02, teacher; Elise Kaufman, retired speech therapist; Mallory Morgan Ludwig ’05, physician’s assistant; Rebecca Mayeux ’12, student success specialist; Mary McKee and Kris Piland, social workers; Jennifer Moisant, attorney; Sara Hipwell Monsour ’93, registered nurse; Hayden Moore ’05, attorney; Dana Morrison, education recruitment manager; Jennifer Duplechin Oberthier ’04, CPA; Wendy Parliament, engineer; Breanna Paul ’08, communications; Kristy Roubique ’76, real estate; Susie Rykosky, engineer; Deanna Ledet Saab ’02, web designer; Holly Sanchez, law enforcement; Brooke Bayham Schoonenberg ’05, nutritionist; Christi Schott ’03, religious education; Dr. Liz Dauzat Seiter ’79, pediatrician; Natalie Bratton Sloan ’04, school counselor; Leigh Ann Town ’09, hair stylist and salon director; Elise Daniel Walker ’03, financial planner; and Tia Lockett Whittington ’04, boutique owner.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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