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SJA Presents Fall Dance Performance

Posted On: 12/5/2018

The St. Joseph’s Academy dance department presented its annual fall performance on December 4 in the Manship Theatre. In two evening performances, All of the Lights explored different ways light is a part of the human journey. 

“Last night was absolutely perfect,” said SJA dance teacher Jade McCune. “I'm incredibly proud of all of the dancers for their hard work. This was our first year performing two shows, and the theater was filled with family and friends for both shows. We are so thankful for the love and support. A moment that stood out for me as a teacher was to see a few of the seniors perform a dance that they choreographed and rehearsed themselves. It was beautiful. To see the stage filled with 63 students who love to dance warmed my heart. I am so proud of each and every student.”

Senior Madison Pittman said the show was outstanding. She especially enjoyed the storylines McCune assigned to each dance. “They all really reflected our talent in the best light possible,” Pittman said. “I really connected with our performances, and it was so fun to be able to bring in other dance styles such as jazz, hip hop and tap. It was overall such a fun experience, and I loved every minute of it. I will definitely miss Mrs. McCune and the SJA dance program next year because they were two of my favorite things about SJA.”

Sophomore Elizabeth Lemann said the show was a great way to showcase the students’ creativity and love for dance. “It’s so much fun to perform for the audience so they can see the real fun and connection we have when dancing with each other,” she said. “The theme, All of the Lights, allowed us to incorporate so many different dance styles and portray a wide range of emotions.”

Junior Isabelle English said the performance was a great bonding experience. “It’s so wonderful to see so many girls from so many different studios and dance backgrounds come together to do what they love,” she said. “I saw a completely different side of people full of passion and love during the performance.”
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Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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