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SJA Hosts Science Fair

Posted On: 1/9/2019

St. Joseph’s Academy held its annual school science fair on January 8. Student projects were judged by experts from a variety of disciplines. The event was held in the Activity Center.
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Results are as follows: 

Animal Science: Abby Ligon, 1st place; Cecilia Campesi, 2nd place; Haley Marcotte, 2nd place; Angelle McCormick, 3rd place

Biochemistry: Elly Nelson, 1st place; Mary Catherine Daniels, 2nd place; Mary Kate Lee, 3rd place; Naomi Cates, 4th place; Claire Holder, 5th place 

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Mary Salmon, 1st place; Mary Claire Saia, 2nd place; Allyson Marinello, 2nd place; Celia Dooley, 3rd place; Anna Pousson, 3rd place; Isabella Gauthreaux, 4th place 

Biomedical and Health Sciences: Jolan Taylor, 1st place; Racheal Coates, 2nd place;  Brennan Cascio, 3rd place; Anna Camille Eagleton, 4th place, Caroline Webre, 4th place; Jhayce Smith, 4th place; Emily Uter, 5th place

Biomedical Engineering: Maci Mannina, 1st place; Olivia Castellucio, 2nd place

Cellular and Molecular Biology: Kendall Willard, 1st place; Caroline Ritchie, 2nd place; Kylie Rangeley Allement, Honorable Mention

Chemistry: Hailey Lewy, 1st place 

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: Jeanne Brierre, 1st place; Mary Cloutier, 2nd place 

Earth and Environmental Sciences: Anna Leyrer, 1st place; Ceclia Castro, 2nd place; Mary Marchand, 3rd place; Abigail Bordelon, 3rd place; Lauren Harmon, 3rd place; Joy Cacioppo, 4th place; Peyton Locklar, 4th place

Embedded Systems: Catherine Hebert, 1st place; Madison Henderson, 2nd place 

Energy: Chemical: Milan Ngyuyen, 1st place 

Energy: Physical: Amelia Dittmar, 1st place; Sara Mayeaux, 2nd place 

Engineering Mechanics: Maggie Lynch, 1st place; Emma Durnin, 2nd place

Environmental Engineering: Jillian Eskew, 1st place; Flora DeMoss, 2nd place 

Materials Science: Tiffany Tran, 1st place; Anna Montanio, 2nd place

Mathematics: Emma Routier, 1st place

Microbiology: Simone Muir, 1st place; Virginia Dirks, 2nd place, Catherine Smith, 3rd place, Catherine Counce, 3rd place

Physics and Astronomy: Grace Granger, 1st place; Stephanie Armond, 2nd place; Sydney Lewis, 3rd place

Plant Sciences: Mary Stuckey, 1st place; Danna Thompson, 2nd place; Bailey Loup, 3rd place; Bella Moushleb, 4th place 

Robotics and Intelligent Machines: Maisie Jones, 1st place

Systems Software: Madeline Broyles, 1st place; Kate Dooley, 2nd place

Translational Medical Science: Melanie Dietrich and Anna Lejeune, 1st place

SJA’s science fair coordinators are Aimee Cronan, Jacqueline Savoia and Alexis Ringswald. 
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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