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Indoor Track Season Begins

Posted On: 1/14/2019

The St. Joseph’s Academy track and field team opened the 2019 indoor season on January 5 at the LSU High School Classic in the Carl Maddox Field House. On the following Saturday, the team traveled to McNeese State University for the McNeese High School Meet. 
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Finishing in the top 20 in their respective events at LSU were the following: 

1600m Run: Sophie Martin, 5th place, 5:46.03; Virginia Dirks, 18th place, 6:20.44

800m Run: Taylor Winters, 4th place, 2:32.65; Maddie Kate Gardiner, 13th place, 2:38.86

60m Hurdles: Claire Holder, 10th place, 9.86; Sophie Kronenberger, 20th place, 10.75

4x800m Relay: Virginia Dirks, Sophie Martin, Lauren Hendry and Isabelle Brown, 1st place, 10:21.93

3200m Run: Isabelle Brown, 1st place, 11:48.11

4x400m Relay: Taylor Winters, Leanne Livingston, Reese Favaloro and Alessandra Purnell, 14th place, 4:25.24

Pole Vault: Taylor Walker, 14th place, 7-11.50; Anna Koonce, 20th place, 6-11.75

High Jump: Reese Favaloro, 17th place, 4-04.00

Long Jump: Claire Holder, 9th place, 16-03.00

Triple Jump: Claire Holder, 13th place, 32-08.50

Shot Put: Kayleigh Mims, 3rd place, 35-10.00

Finishing in the top 20 in their respective events at McNeese were the following: 

4x200m Relay: Ava Dunn, Olivia Cook, Ava Moreau and Hannah Jones, 7th place, 1:52.88

1600m Run: Lauren Hendry, 1st place, 5:35.62; Isabelle Brown, 5th place, 5:41.51; Virginia Dirks, 6th place, 5:43.16

800m Run: Virginia Dirks, 3rd place, 2:34.90; Lauren Hendry, 5th place, 2:36.04

60m Hurdles: McKenna Ramsey, 4th place, 9.83; Margaret Turner, 14th place, 11.49

4x800m Relay: Lydia Poche, Maddie Kate Gardiner, Leanne Livingston and Taylor Winters, 1st place, 10:30.62

3200m Run: Sophie Martin, 1st place, 12:13.86; Maddie Kate Gardiner, 2nd place, 12:29.06; Kate Ritchie, 3rd place, 12:47.15

4x400m Relay: Reese Favaloro, Alessandra Purnell, Lydia Poche and Taylor Winters, 4th place, 4:24.46; Amelia Cochran, Olivia Cook, McKenna Ramsey and Ava Dunn, 8th place, 4:33.60

Pole Vault: Taylor Walker, 6th place, 7-06.00; Maddie Toler, 7th place, 7-00.00

High Jump: Reese Favaloro, 4th place, 4-10.00; Alessandra Purnell, 12th place, 4-06.00

Long Jump: Reese Favaloro, 11th place, 14-11.00; Mary Usher, 15th place, 14-06.00

Triple Jump: Mary Usher, 6th place, 31-06.50; Amelia Cochran, 15th place, 27-09.00

Shot Put: Kayleigh Mims, 3rd place, 35-05.00; Rachel Blouin, 8th place, 25-00.50 
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos courtesy of Aimee Walker and Charlie Daigle


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