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SJA Wins 2019 Regional Science Fair

Posted On: 2/14/2019

St. Joseph’s Academy was the top school in the 2019 Region VII Science and Engineering Fair, held February 13 in the LSU Union. By virtue of placing first or second in their category, 28 students will be moving on to the Louisiana State Science and Engineering Fair on March 19 and 20. 
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Science Fair coordinators are Jacqueline Savoia, Aimee Cronan and Alexis Ringswald. Savoia expressed pride in the students’ dedication to their research projects. “These girls worked very hard to make sure they were prepared for this fair,” she said. “They should be very proud of themselves for their work ethic throughout their project and dedication to being successful in this competition. I couldn’t be prouder of each one of them.”   

Juniors Maci Mannina and Hailey Lewy had the top two projects overall and earned spots in the 2019 International Science and Engineering Fair, set for May 12-17 in Phoenix. Junior Mary Salmon was also invited to participate. Mannina and Lewy were also invited to participate in the 2019 GENIUS Olympiad in New York this summer.

Following are the results from the 69th annual regional science fair.

Animal Science: Haley Marcotte, 1st place; Abby Ligon, 2nd place 

Behavioral and Social Science: Grace Salmon, 1st place; Mary Catherine Daniels, 3rd place

Biochemistry: Eloise Nelson, 1st place; Allyson Marinello, 3rd place

Biomedical and Health: Racheal Coates, 2nd place; Jolan Taylor, 3rd place; Brennan Cascio, 4th place

Biomedical Engineering: Maci Mannina, 1st place 

Cellular and Molecular Biology: Kendall Willard, 1st place; Caroline Ritchie, 3rd place

Chemistry: Hailey Lewy, 1st place; Abigail Bordelon, 3rd place

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics: Jeanne Brierre, 1st place

Earth and Environmental: Anna Leyrer, 2nd place, Mary Marchand, 3rd place; Cecelia Castro, 4th place

Embedded Systems: Madison Henderson, 2nd place; Catherine Hebert, 3rd place

Energy Chemical: Milan Nguyen, 2nd place; Maggie Lynch, 3rd place

Energy Physical: Sara Mayeaux, 1st place; Amelia Dittmar, 2nd place

Engineering Mechanics: Simone Muir, 1st place; Emma Durnin, 3rd place

Environmental Engineering: Jillian Eskew, 1st place; Flora DeMoss, 2nd place

Materials Science: Anna Montanio, 1st place; Tiffany Tran, 2nd place 

Mathematics: Emma Routier, 3rd place

Microbiology: Mary Kate Lee, 2nd place; Virginia Dirks, 3rd place

Physics and Astronomy: Grace Granger, 1st place; Sydney Lewis, 2nd place 

Plant Science: Danna Thompson, 1st place; Mary Stuckey, 2nd place; Cecelia Campesi, 3rd place

Robotics and Intelligent Machines: Maisie Jones, 2nd place 

Systems Software: Kate Dooley, 2nd place; Madeline Broyles, 3rd place

Translational Medical Sciences: Melanie Dietrich and Anna Lejeune, 2nd place 

A number of special awards were given, as well. 

American Meteorological Society Award: Jillian Eskew and Flora DeMoss
American Psychological Association Award: Grace Salmon
ASM Materials Education Foundation Award: Anna Montanio
Earth System Science Award: Grace Granger
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Award: Simone Muir
Naval Science Award: Hailey Lewy, Maci Mannina and Grace Salmon
RICCO American Corporation Award: Milan Nguyen
Society of Women Engineers Award: Anna Montanio and Simone Muir
U.S. Stockholm Water Award: Simone Muir

Receiving invitations for the Society for Science and the Public REGENERON talent search competition were Hailey Lewy, Maci Mannina, Simone Muir, Milan Nguyen, Mary Salmon, Mary Stuckey, Danna Thompson and Kendall Willard.
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos courtesy of Edy Koonce and Linda Messina


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