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SJA Celebrates Annual Unity Mass

Posted On: 2/27/2019

St. Joseph’s Academy gathered as a community on February 26 to celebrate the annual Unity Mass. Bishop Michael Duca, making his first visit to the Academy, was the presider. The Eucharistic celebration was held in the Academy Student Center.
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Principal Stacia Andricain recognized members of the Rumfola family in attendance, including SJA graduate Claudia Glasco Rumfola ’01, whose father-in-law, Daniel Rumfola, made the cross that was recently hung in the new building. He was assisted in crafting the cross by Claudia’s children, Riggs and Cecilia. Bishop Duca blessed the cross as mass began.

Senior Mary Morgan Sutton welcomed the large crowd. “The central charism of the Congregation of St. Joseph is ‘That All May Be One,’” she said. “This charism does not express a desire to make everyone the same; rather, it is about celebrating the many gifts we have in our diversity and bringing all of those gifts together in serving the dear neighbor. Our common bond is that we are all children of God, equally loved by our Creator and deserving of equal love from one another.”

Senior Leanne Livingston read from the first letter of Paul to the Corinthians. 

Prayers of the faithful were offered in languages representative of the SJA community. Participating students and the languages spoken were senior Andrea Matus, English; sophomore Diana Dinh, Vietnamese; senior Adeline Roemer, Spanish; senior Claire Surek, French; senior Anna LeJeune, Latin; senior Nikki Manuel, Tagalog; junior Bella Moushleb, Arabic; and senior Ploy Sanguanruang, Thai. The petitions were also be projected onto the screen in American Sign Language. 

Katie Potts and Aimee Cronan directed the Liturgy Choir. Junior Anna Leyrer and senior Kate Stanford served as cantors. Featured vocalists were freshman Kelsey Brown, junior Jolan Taylor and freshman Ava Dunn. Instrumentalists were Martha O’Hara, piano; Hugo Andricain, guitar; and freshman Kate Appleton and Stephen Barrios, percussion. 

Following mass, Andricain introduced the four students who planned this week’s Week of the Woman activities. Juniors Kendall Willard and Emily Reynaud and seniors Mary Cloutier and Danielle Jones spoke about the activities designed to empower and remind students of their unique gifts and talents. 
Campus Minister Alise Alexander described the Campus Ministry-sponsored activities which will take place at SJA during Lent.  
Andricain recognized several groups for their outstanding efforts in the last month, including the track and field team for its second-place finish in the indoor track and field state championship and the SJA cheerleaders for their fourth-place finish in the National High School Cheerleading Championship and second-place finish in the World School Cheerleading Championship, both held in Orlando. She congratulated the 11 cheerleaders named to the Junior All Girl National Team with USA cheer.

Also recognized were Youth and Government members who attended the Model UN Conference and named Outstanding Delegation; students who participated in the recent Spanish Convention and placed in the scrapbook, club t-shirt design, quiz bowl and skit competitions; the Mu Alpha Theta math club which hosted the annual Middle School Math Tournament on February 22; and senior Maddie Toler and junior Caroline Dazzio, named finalists in the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts contest. Andricain also wished good luck to the basketball team as it makes its first-ever semifinal round appearance on the afternoon of February 28.

Senior Kate Mascari closed the gathering by leading the singing of the alma mater. An original piece of art by senior Grace Wisdom served as the backdrop for mass. 
Mindy Brodhead Averitt
Communications Director
Photos by Jennifer M. Fontaine


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