St. Joseph's Academy


While religion and faith development permeate all aspects of St. Joseph’s Academy, theology is taught at each grade level in a classroom setting. All students take a full credit of theology each year and meet each day.

Freshmen begin the year with a unit on self-identity, personal development and adolescent relationship issues, including bullying. Freshmen progress to reflect on the Works of Mercy and the Liturgical calendar of the Church. An overview of the Hebrew Scriptures is presented, followed by an in-depth focus on the Gospels as an opportunity to nurture an ongoing relationship with God. As the course progresses, the lives of major Saints of the Church, along with the holy seasons of Advent/Lent, are studied. Opportunities for community service are woven throughout the year.

Sophomores focus on the study of God’s spirit working through the Church throughout history and in the present day. This provides students with an opportunity to examine their own personal faith. Students also consider faith development through the study of relationships with God, others and self.

Juniors begin the year exploring the components of their own personality leading to the study of morality and conscience formation in a Catholic context. The second semester focuses on the role of Catholics in responding to social concerns in today’s society. This includes study of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching in historical context and modern-day application.

As seniors, students choose a half-credit course per semester. Choices are Leadership and Faith, Spirituality and Science, Theology and Film, Spirituality and Faith, Theology Through Art and World Religions.  

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