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Dear Parents,

Service 2014As an expression of the charism of the Sisters of St. Joseph, education at St. Joseph’s Academy emphasizes the importance of relationships with the dear neighbor. The service component of our curriculum is one way we encourage our students to express God’s love and answer the call to service and discipleship within our school community and in the context of the broader world. As the campus minister at SJA, I am pleased to share information with you about our service program.

Our service program is a four-year program that explores enriching opportunities in service to others. Each year, students will be asked to complete hours in a specific field of service. Our service program is a complement to the charism theme for each academic year. This year’s theme is Relationships: Sacred Threads that Connect.

Through service, students will meet and identify with others so that all may be one. The connections made with suffering, impoverished and marginalized people allow students the chance to reflect on their personal dignity and what it means in the context of the human family. As our students struggle with what it means to relate on the most basic human level, they grow in awareness of themselves and become increasingly connected with all God’s creation. We strive to ensure that our service program embodies this philosophy. Students will explore their service experiences within the theology classrooms.

Each grade level will be required to participate in a specific area of service. Every student is required to complete 10 service hours in the specified area and 5 or 10 hours (depending on grade level) in a Christian service in an area of their choosing. Below is a list of the requirements for each grade level.


15 total hours


10 hours in elderly care or environmental concerns


5 hours in a Christian service of their choice



15 total hours


10 hours in child development, education or literacy


5 hours in a Christian service of their choice



20 total hours


10 hours devoted to individuals with special needs or in a healthcare field


10 hours in a Christian service of their choice



20 total hours


10 hours in fields related to hunger, poverty and homelessness


10 hours in a Christian service of their choice

Service hours are due Monday, April 9, 2018. There will be checkpoints throughout the year to ensure timely completion of the service requirement. 

All service hours will be recorded online at Students are given a username and password through their theology classrooms and will enter all hours through x2VOL.

The Service Directory is an excellent starting point for contacting agencies and locating places to serve. We realize there may be other opportunities for your daughter, and we want to honor her desire to serve in any capacity in which she may feel called. However, her safety and security are our primary concern. As a result, your daughter will be asked to meet with me prior to serving with an organization not listed in the Service Directory. Her hours may be denied if she fails to meet with me first.

A necessary piece of the service program is the experience of reflection. Upon completion of her service hours, your daughter will be asked to write a paper, which is requisite to finishing her service. The instructions of this paper will be assigned through the theology classroom teachers, and students will be assigned a grade through their class. Your daughter will also participate in a day of guided reflection through meditation and conversation during her theology class to share a bit of her experience as a way to spark discussion about service and justice.

In an effort to support and encourage service as a regular part of the lives of our students, we recognize those students who go beyond the required service hours.  Those students completing more than 50 hours of service in one school year will receive special recognition at the end of the year.  Students who have completed 50 hours of service at the end of every academic school year they have attended the Academy will receive a Service Award and be recognized at Honors Convocation.

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Sister Chris Pologa
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